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Volume 7, Number 1-2 / 1953, Pages 1 – 128

Proti oktetové teorii 1 5
B. Stehlík
Theory of anomalous osmosis 7 18
M. Toman
A modified volumetric determination of arsenic and antimony in alloys, white metal and sulfur-antimony ore 19 31
A. Jílek and M. Nedorost
Colorimetric determination of tellurium4+ in the presence of tellurium6+ and of total tellurium 33 39
A. Jílek and J. Vřešťál
Synthesis of 2,4-diamino-2-methylbutane 41 43
A. Gőmőry and I. Ježo
Progressive preliming as a basis for improved method for clarification of sugar-beet juice 45 54
J. Vašátko, R. Kohn, and L. Závodský
Preparation of riboflavine by fermentation 55 61
M. Kulhánek
The increase of pollution of water in rivers 63 106
V. Kubelka
Sedative effects of diphenylimidazolidine derivatives 107 128
L. Molnár, F. Selecký, and J. Tamchyna

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