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Volume 7, Number 3-4 / 1953, Pages 129 – 256

Study of reaction kinetics in aging of natural rubber by infrared spectograph. I. Experimental technique 129 140
V. Kellö and A. Tkáč
Osmometric study of complex cyanides and chlorides 141 148
P. Weidenthaler
Hydrotropic systems 149 178
Ľ. Krasnec and L. Kňažko
Kinetics of condensation of pyrocatechol with formaldehyde in solution of sodium hydroxide 179 187
R. Domanský
New derivatives of s-triazine group 189 196
Š. Bauer
Theory and practice of partition chromatography 197 215
R. Smrž
Analysis of chlorosulfonic acid by direct determination of the monohydrate (H2SO4) 217 223
R. Nádvorník and V. Bátora
The effect of tannin on complex ions in solutions of chromic salts 225 246
V. Kubelka
The formation of fusel oil in manufacturing of industrial alcohol from molasses 249 256
D. Tomeček

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