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Volume 75, Number 9 / 2021, Pages 4413 – 4978

Carbon capture using membrane-based materials and its utilization pathways 4413 4429
Shah, Chirantan, Raut, Shishir, Kacha, Harshal, Patel, Harshil, Shah, and Manan
Economic feasibility of arsenic removal using nanofiltration membrane: A mini review 4431 4444
Rajendran, Robin Marlar, Garg, Sangeeta, Bajpai, and Shailendra
Research progress on supported solid superbase and its catalytic application 4445 4463
Yu, Xiang, Chen, Xinzhi, Meng, Wenfei, Zhu, and Mingqiao
Synthesis of lignin-based hydrogels and their applications in agriculture: A review 4465 4478
Kaur, Ramandeep, Sharma, Rupali, Chahal, and Gagandeep Kaur
Zeolite–polysulfone-based adsorptive membrane for removal of metal pollutants 4479 4492
Abd Hamid, Shazlina, Shahadat, Mohammad, Ismail, and Suzylawati
Self-assembly and steric hindrance for further host–guest interactions of a tetrahedral cage FeII4L4 4493 4499
Bu, Ning, Wu, Wen-Yuan, Jiang, Peng, Zhan, Zi-Yuan, Wan, Jin-Long, Wu, Zi-Jing, Wan, and Rong
A spectroscopic and molecular docking study of interactions of tetracarboxyphenyl porphyrin and chlorin e6 with bovine serum albumin 4501 4515
Vicente-Escobar, Jonathan Osiris, García-Sánchez, Miguel A., González, F., Cipagauta-Díaz, S., Estrella González, and A.
Study of the cyclization of N-hydroxy- and N-methoxy-N-(2-oxoalkyl)amides 4517 4525
Kulakov, Ivan V., Palamarchuk, Irina V., Nikolaenkova, Elena B., Ya.Tikhonov, Alexsei, Gatilov, Yuriy V., Fisyuk, and Alexander S.
Effect of ultrasound-microwave irradiation hybrid technique on extraction, physicochemical, antioxidative, and structural properties of stearic acid-rich Allanblackia parviflora seed oil 4527 4541
Quaisie, Janet, Ma, Haile, Golly, Moses Kwaku, Tuly, Jamila Akter, Amaglo, Newton Kwaku, Jiaqi, and Zhu
A novel synthesis of isothiocyanates from amines and phenyl isothiocyanate via replacement reaction 4543 4547
Zhu, Shou-ji, Li, and Jin-feng
Structural, electronic, and spectroscopic study on 1,5-methanoazocino[4,3-b]indole synthesized by TFB-based route 4549 4564
Serdaroğlu, Goncagül, Uludağ, and Nesimi
Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous HA/GO nanocomposite in the presence of chitosan as a potential candidate for drug delivery 4565 4578
Absalan, Fatemeh, Seyed Sadjadi, Mirabdullah, Farhadyar, Nazanin, Hossaini Sadr, and Moayad
Identification and quantification of tricin present in medicinal herbs, plant foods and by-products using UPLC-QTOF-MS 4579 4588
Zheng, Tao, Wong, Eric Chun-Wai, Yue, Grace Gar-Lee, Li, Xiao-Xiao, Wu, Karen Hoi-Yan, Lau, David Tai-Wai, Shaw, Pang-Chui, Simmonds, Monique S. J., Lau, and Clara Bik-San
A new model and estimation of thermodynamic parameters for the solubility of azobenzene and anthraquinone derivatives in supercritical carbon dioxide 4589 4610
Alwi, Ratna Surya, Garlapati, and Chandrasekhar
Structural properties and in vitro evaluation of some Ln (III) complexes as potential selective antimicrobial and antioxidant substances 4611 4624
Hijazi, Ahmed K., Taha, Ziyad A., Ibdah, Abdellatif, Idris, Idris M., Al-Momani, and Waleed M.
An insight into the inhibitory mechanism of phytochemicals and FDA-approved drugs on the ACE2–Spike complex of SARS-CoV-2 using computational methods 4625 4648
Jani, Vinod, Koulgi, Shruti, Uppuladinne, V. N. Mallikarjunachari, Sonavane, Uddhavesh, Joshi, and Rajendra
Investigation and optimization of anaerobic system for treatment of seafood processing wastewater 4649 4660
Rashidi, Shahnaz, Moghaddam, and Amin Hedayati
Discovery of 3-(1H-indol-5-yl)-1,2,4-oxidizable derivatives as non-competitive α-glucosidase inhibitors 4661 4667
Zhang, Juan, Ge, Yong-Xi, Fang, Lei, Zhu, Kong-Kai, Liu, Shan-Kui, Wang, Kai-Ming, Jiang, and Cheng-Shi
Discovery of (E)-N-(4-cyanobenzylidene)-6-fluoro-3-hydroxypyrazine-2-carboxamide (cyanorona-20): the first potent and specific anti-COVID-19 drug 4669 4685
Rabie and Amgad M.
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles supported on multiwalled carbon nanotubes via a surfactant-assisted microwave method and their antimicrobial assessment in solution 4687 4695
Hernández-Vargas, Julia, López-Tinoco, Julián, Huirache-Acuña, Rafael, Rangel-Segura, Ricardo, González-Campos, Janett Betzabé, Villegas, Javier, Paraguay-Delgado, Francisco, González-Hernández, Juan Carlos, Lara-Romero, and Javier
A high selective “turn-on” fluorescent chemosensor for detection of Zn2+ in aqueous media 4697 4706
Li, Juan, Zhang, Shu-Zhen, Guo, Geng, Jia, Hao-Ran, Sun, and Yin-Xia
Efficient catalytic reduction of hazardous hexavalent chromium by cobalt sulfide nanoparticles 4707 4718
Arathi, K., Ravishankar, T. N., Raj, Kalyan, Nagashree, and K. L.
Conductivity mechanism and dielectric properties of poly (2-aminophenol) with boron nitride and graphite composites 4719 4727
Çoğalmış, F. Tuba, Ahlatcýoðlu Özerol, Esma, Okutan, Mustafa, Şenkal, and B. Filiz
Synthesis and neurotropic activity of new 3-(arylmethyl)aminopyridine-2(1H)-one 4729 4739
Palamarchuk, Irina V., Shulgau, Zarina T., Kharitonova, Margarita A., Kulakov, and Ivan V.
A new 2D→3D interdigitated supramolecular compound as luminescent sensor for detection of Hg2+ and treatment activity on pancreatic cancer 4741 4748
Guo, Zhenshan, Zhen, Jun, Yao, Zhoujia, Wang, Yemeng, Jin, and Chenlu
Polymorphic donor–acceptor substituted chalcone: structural, spectral, dielectric and nonlinear optical properties for optical limiting applications 4749 4758
Raghavendra, S., Kumar, C. S. Chidan, Kumar, D. J. Madhu, Al-Ghorbani, Mohammed, Alsalme, Ali, Quah, C. K., Raghavendra, P. V., Serrao, Felcy Jyothi, Dharmaprakash, and S. M.
Clarification efficacy of eggshell and aluminum base coagulant for the removal of total suspended solids (TSS) from cosmetics wastewater by coag-flocculation 4759 4777
Ovuoraye, Prosper E., Okpala, Lawrence C., Ugonabo, Victor I., Nwokocha, and Gina F.
Electrolytic deposition of composite coatings on 316L SS and its in vitro corrosion resistive behavior in simulated body fluid solution 4779 4791
Arul Xavier Stango, S., Vijayalakshmi, and U.
Study on synthesis of some substituted N-propargyl isatins by propargylation reaction of corresponding isatins using potassium carbonate as base under ultrasound- and microwave-assisted conditions 4793 4801
Tri, Nguyen Minh, Thanh, Nguyen Dinh, Ha, Luong Ngoc, Anh, Dang Thi Tuyet, Toan, Vu Ngoc, Giang, and Nguyen Thi Kim
An annular reactor for direct methane autothermal reforming 4803 4816
Kuai, Pingyu, Pan, Yunxiang, Li, Weibin, Liu, Huimin, Feng, and Zhiwu
Photodynamic effect of 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-carboxyphenyl)porphyrin and (Zn2+ and Sn4+) derivatives against Leishmania spp in the promastigote stage: experimental and DFT study 4817 4829
Espitia-Almeida, Fabián, Díaz-Uribe, Carlos, Vallejo, William, Peña, Orlando, Gómez-Camargo, Doris, Bohórquez, Arnold R. Romero, Zarate, Ximena, Schott, and Eduardo
Exploring the world of metal nitrides as hydrogen storage materials: a DFT study 4831 4848
Niaz, Saba, Pandith, and Altaf Hussain
Sensitivity of phenolic compounds evaluated by a new approach of analytical methods 4849 4859
Berton, Sharise B. R., Bonafé, Elton G., de Jesus, Guilherme Augusto Moraes, da Silveira, Roberta, Visentainer, Jesuí V., Martins, Alessandro F., Matsushita, and Makoto
Restoring chemo-sensitivity to temozolomide via targeted inhibition of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 by naringin in glioblastoma 4861 4871
Rao, Vanishree, Cheruku, Sri Pragnya, Manandhar, Suman, Vibhavari, R. J. A., Nandakumar, Krishnadas, Rao, C. Mallikarjuna, Ravichandiran, V., Kumar, and Nitesh
Comparative analysis of phenolic compounds from wild and in vitro propagated plant Thalictrum foliolosum and antioxidant activity of various crude extracts 4873 4885
Mishra, Manoj Kumar, Pandey, Shatrujeet, Niranjan, Abhishek, Misra, and Pratibha
A black chrome plating process using trivalent chromium and water-tolerant, ethaline-based ionic liquid baths 4887 4897
Nablo, Geoffrey Ray, Dela Pena, and Eden May
Cis-Palladium(II) complex incorporating 3-(2-pyridyl)-5-methyl-1,2,4-triazole: structure and cytotoxic activity 4899 4906
Zakharchenko, Borys V., Khomenko, Dmytro M., Doroschuk, Roman O., Raspertova, Ilona V., Shova, Sergiu, Grebinyk, Anna G., Grynyuk, Iryna I., Prylutska, Svitlana V., Matyshevska, Olga P., Slobodyanik, Mykola S., Frohme, Marcus, Lampeka, and Rostislav D.
A comparative study on the antibacterial activity of different shaped silver nanoparticles 4907 4915
Acharya, Debashish, Pandey, Piyush, Mohanta, and Bidhan
Discovery of pyrazole derivatives as potent inhibitor of NF-ĸB for possible benefit in abdominal aortic aneurysms 4917 4925
Guo, Yun, Bao, Dongming, Zhang, and Chaogang
Wearable hydration and pH sensor based on protein film for healthcare monitoring 4927 4934
Hou, Chen, Zhang, Fan, Chen, Caifeng, Zhang, Yifan, Wu, Ronghui, Ma, Liyun, Lin, Changjian, Guo, Wenxi, Liu, and Xiang Yang
Energy-efficient sonochemical extraction of bioactive compound karanjin from Pongamia pinnata leaves 4935 4947
Doke, Ranjeet B., Bhalerao, Machhindra S., Paraskar, Pavan M., Patil, Pritesh S., Kulkarni, and Ravindra D.
Ruthenium (III)–pyridine complex: Synthesis, characterization, barrier diode and photodiode applications in Al/Ru-Py/p-Si/Al sandwich device structure 4949 4958
Yeşildağ and Ali
Sonication-assisted one pot, metal-free synthesis of β-keto sulfones from styrenes, NBS and aromatic sodium sulfinate salts 4959 4968
Jadhao, Amardeep R., Gaikwad, Sanjay S., Patil, Limbraj R., Waghmode, and Suresh B.
New application of Hehner's test with modification for detection of formalin in cheeses and fish 4969 4972
Saad, M. F., Kassem, M. A. Gehan, Abdel-Latif, and F. Eman
Detoxification of the tricyclic antidepressant opipramol and its analog – IS-noh by UGT enzymes before and after activation by phase I enzymes in rat liver microsomes 4973 4978
Mieszkowska, Anna, Hemine, Koleta, Skwierawska, Anna, Augustin, Ewa, Mazerska, and Zofia

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