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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 58, Number 6 / 2004, Pages 375 – 446

A Special Anniversary 375 375
Displacement of Black Liquor from Pulp Bed 377 381
F. Potůček and M. Pulcer
Method Based on Solid Phase Extraction, LC and GC for Analysis of Bisphenol A in Drinking Water 382 385
I. Rykowska, A. Szymanski, and W. Wasiak
Optimization of Propylene–Propane Distilation Process 386 390
S. M. Mahaur, B. G. Barjaktarovic, and M. N. Sovilj
Modelling of Gas Phase Adsorption on Activated Carbon. I. Experiment and Equilibrium Model 391 396
E. Besedova, D. Bobok, S. Bafrncova, and P. Steltenpohl
Fall of Spherical Particles through a Carreau Fluid 397 403
P. Doleček, H. Bendová, B. Šiška, and I. Machač
Gas Hold-Up in a Reactor with Dual System of Impellers 404 409
J. Karcz, R. Siciarz, and I. Bielka
Inhibition of the Anatase—Rutile Phase Transformation with Addition of K2O, P2O5, and Li2O 410 414
B. Grzmil, B. Kic, and M. Rabe
Modification of Proteins from Evening Primrose by Transgluteminase 415 417
J. Golabczak, J. Strakowska, and A. Stan
Lipase Immobilization in a Hollow Fibre Membrane Reactor: Kinetics Characterization and Application for Palm Oil Hydrolysis 418 423
Z. Knezevicz and B. Obradovic
Physiological and Enzymatic Activities of Rhizopus oligosporus in Swing Solid-State Reactor 424 428
H. Miszkiewicz, A. Rozwandowicz, and S. Bielecki
Comparison of CFD Modelling with Small-Scale Field Experiments of Chlorine Dispersion 429 434
M. Kisa, L. Jelemensky, O. Mierka, and J. Stopka
Sensitivity Analysis of Transport Parameters Estimated from the Adsorption/Desorption Column Experiments to the Errors in Equilibrium Data 435 441
I. Tatárová and M. Polakovič
Correlation of Vapour–Liquid Equilibrium Data of Ternary Systems 442 446
E. Graczová, P. Steltenpohl, L. Bálintová, and E. Kršačková

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