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Volume 54, Number 3 / 2000, Pages 131 – 195

Surface Tension of Melts of the System KF—K2Mo04—B203 131 136
K. D. Nguyen and V. Daněk
Niobium Complexes in Fluoride Melts 137 143
V. Van, J. Madejová, A. Silný, and V. Daněk
Flow-Through Coulometric Determination of Mercury in Soils and Soil Extracts 144 147
E. Kozáková, R. Bodor, J. Jursa, and E. Beinrohr
Properties of Sorbents from Brown Coal 148 154
P. Straka and J. Buchtele
Adaptive Control of a Laboratory Tank System 155 158
J. Danko and M. Ondrovičová
The Application of Anaerobic Filter for Municipal Wastewater Treatment 159 164
I. Bodík, B. Herdová, and K. Kratochvíl
Simulation of the Butyl Acetate Synthesis via Catalytic Distillation 165 170
Q. Smejkal, J. Hanika, and J. Kolena
Reductive Condensation of Acetone to Methyl Isobutyl Ketone on a Bifunctional Catalys 171 176
D. Bombos, G. Bozga, M. Bombos, A. Stefan, and I. Stanciu
Advances in the Reactive Processing of Polymer Composites Based on Magnesium Hydroxide 177 182
V. Khunová and C. M. Liauw
Kinetics and Mechanism of the Olefin-Forming Elimination Producing Phenylsulfonylethene 183 186
M. Sedlák, J. Hanusek, and J. Kaválek
Chemistry of Substituted Quinolinones I. Synthesis of Novel Triazinylmethylquinolinone Derivatives 187 195
M. Abass and M. M. Ismail

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