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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 54, Number 5 / 2000, Pages 265 – 337

Optical Transmittance Changes of Solid Preforms with Temperature II. Transparency of α-Al203 Ceramics after Sintering at 1250°C 265 271
L. Pach, Ľ. Bača, and J. Majling
Density of the System LiF—KF—K2NbF7 272 276
M. Chrenková, V. Daněk, and A. Silný
Viscosity of Melts of the System LiF-KF-K2NbF7 277 281
D. K. Nguyen and V. Daněk
Copper/Zinc Oxide Catalysts. VIII. Crystal Structure of Zinc Maleate Dihydrate, Zn(C404H2)(H20)2 and its Comparison with the Structure of the Cu-Zn Analogue Zno,94Cuo.o6(C404H2)(H20)2 282 288
J. Černák, D. Mikloš, C. Kappenstein, I. Potočňák, J. Chomič, and F. Gérard
Potentiometrie Study of Tungsten(VI) Complex Formation with Tartrate 289 295
P. Lubal, J. Perutka, and J. Havel
Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), and Copper(II) Complexes with Some 5-Aminopyrazole-Containing Azo Compounds 296 301
N. M. Rageh, A. A. Mohamad, S. A. Ibrahim, and Y. H. Ebead
Essential Factors in Removing Carbonyl Sulfide from Coal Gas with Lime and Limestone 302 306
M. Hartman, K. Svoboda, and O. Trnka
Scheduling of Multi-Product Batch Processes with Regard to Market Demands 307 314
V. Hanta
A Novel Method for Peak Number Estimation in Chromatographic Peak Clusters 315 319
J. Hrouzek, J. Krupčík, M. Čeppan, Š. Hatrík, and P. A. Leclercq
Kidney Stone Analysis by Nicolet F T I R Spectrometer 320 323
F. Kesner, I. Dominák, and M. Linhartová
Synthesis and Reactions of Some New Hydroxymethylene Spirofurobenzopyran Derivatives 324 331
A. H. Abdel-Rahman, A. M. Khalil, and E. M. Keshk
Analysis of Chlorinated Phenols in Animal Organs 332 337
M. Veningerová, V. Prachar, Z. Kováčiková, and J. Kovačičová

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