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Volume 53, Number 1 / 1999, Pages 3 – 84

Enthalpy of Mixing of Melts in the KF—K2TiF6 System 3 5
I. Nerád, L. Kosa, E. Mikšíková, and K. Adamkovičová
Incomplete Dissociation and Electrical Conductivity in Binary Molten Salt Mixtures with Common Ion 6 10
M. Olteanu and P. M. Pavel
Solution Chemistry of Molten Amide-Nitrate Eutectics 11 15
E. I. Eweka and D. H. Kerridge
Optical Transmittance Changes of Solid Preforms with Temperature. I. High Pressure Densified Hydroxyapatite Gels 16 21
R. Ďurovčíková, V. Kremničan, Š. Kovalík, Š. Svetík, J. Krištín, P. M. Marquis, and J. Majling
Dialysis of NiS04 in Cylindrical Cation-Exchange Membrane 22 25
M. Handlířová, P. Čičmanec, and Z. Palatý
Determination of Inorganic Selenium Species in Natural Waters by Preconcentration and Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry 26 33
D. Rúriková and E. Tóthová
Spectrophotometric Analysis of α- and β-Naphthol Mixtures Applying Partial Least-Squares Method 34 39
A. L. Revilla, G. Vargas, and J. Havel
Novel Porous Carbons and their Utilization in Trace Analysis 40 48
E. Matisová, S. Hrouzková, I. Nováak, D. Berek, and J. Kozánková
A Convenient Synthesis of Polyfunctionally Substituted (Acridin-9-yl)imino-l,3-thiazolidin-4-ones and Spiro[9,10-dihydroacridine-9,4'-thiazolidines] 49 52
P. Kristian, I. Chomča, J. Bernát, and J. Imrich
New Quinolones and Naphthyridinones Bearing Heterocyclic Rings 53 64
S. S. Ibrahim, Z. M. El-Gendy, H. A. Allimony, and E. S. Othman
(E)-Cinnamoylferrocene 5-Benzylcarbodithioylhydrazone and its Chelates 65 68
Guo-Sheng Huang, Yong-Hong Liu, Bao-Hua Chen, and Yong-Xiang Ma
Electronic Spectra and Structure of 2,6-Dimethyl-3-halo-4-nitropyridine N-Oxides 69 74
H. Ban-Oganowska
Regulation of Denitrification Using Continually Measured O R P and pH Signal 75 81
M. Drtil, P. Németh, J. Buday, I. Bodík, and M. Hutňan
Carbohydrates in the Mahonia aquifolium Antipsoriatic Extract 82 83
A. Kardošová and D. Košťálová
Július Surový Celebrates his 70th Birthday 84 84
M. Polakovič and E. Kossaczký

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