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Volume 53, Number 4 / 1999, Pages 227 – 278

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Solubility and Thermodynamic Functions of Transfer for [Cr(en)2C2] [Cr(C6H5NH2)2(NCS)4] from Water to Water-Organic Mixed Solvents 227 232
V. Holba
Two Approaches to the Calculation of the Phase Diagrams Containing Congruently Melting Compounds Systems NaF—Na2SO4 and NaF—NaAlF4 233 237
V. Danielik, J. Gabčová, and P. Fellner
Characterization of Limestone Reactivity for Absorption of SO2 from Fume Gases 238 241
P. Fellner and V. Khandl
Formation and Use of BaO⋅TiO2 ⋅ xH2O Hydrogel Prepared from Titanium Peroxocomplex as Precursor of the BaTiO3 Phase 242 245
Ľ. Medvecký and J. Briančin
Determination of Selenium in Soils by Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry after Separation as Gaseous Selenium Tetrabromide 246 251
D. Rúriková and I. Kunáková
Determination of Nitrophenols and Nitrocresols in Gaseous Samples 252 256
T. Hevesi and J. Krupčík
Examination of the Perkin Reaction under Microwave Irradiation 257 259
E. Veverková, E. Pacherová, and Š. Toma
Addition-Cyclization Reactions of Hexa-2,4-dienoyl Isothiocyanate with Amines and Sodium Hydrogen Sulfide 260 264
M. Ružinský, M. Dzurilla, P. Kutschy, and V. Kováčik
Preparation and Properties of Magnesium(II) Compounds with Some Bioactive Ligands 265 271
S. C. Mojumdar, M. Melník, E. Jóna, and D. Hudecová
Synthesis and Biological Activity of Some 2-Substituted Quinazolin-4-ones 272 275
K. Špirková, S. Stankovský, A. Mrvová, and Ľ. Čipák
60 Years of Peter Pelikán 277 278
S. Biskupič, P. Šimon, and K. Babor

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