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Volume 53, Number 6 / 1999, Pages 347 – 435

26th Conference of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering 347 348
M. Polakovič
Selective chlorination of acetone in the gas phase 349 356
J. Markoš, Ľ. Jelemenský, M. Šóoš, and V. Čamaj
Mass-Transfer-Limited Wet Oxidation of Phenol 357 361
V. Tukač, J. Vokál, and J. Hanika
Monitoring of Soluble Enzyme Activity by Enzyme Flow Microcalorimetry 362 365
V. Štefuca and M. Polakovič
Screening of Microorganisms for Transfructosylating Activity and Optimization of Biotransformation of Sucrose to Fructooligosaccharides 366 369
A. Madlová, M. Antošová, M. Baráthová, M. Polakovič, V. Štefuca, and V. Báleš
Kinetic Parameters of Casein Protein Coagulation 370 373
M. Šefčíková, J. Šefčík, and V. Báleš
Methanogenic and Nonmethanogenic Activity of Granulated Sludge in Anaerobic Baffled Reactor 374 378
M. Hutňan, L. Mrafková, M. Drtil, and J. Derco
Substrate and Product Inhibition of Nitrification 379 383
J. Buday, M. Drtil, M. Hutňan, and J. Derco
Suspended Particle Circulation in Gas-Lift Tanks 384 389
K. Wichterle and L. Obalová
Inhomogeneities in Fluidization of Spherical Particle Beds with Non-Newtonian Polymer Solutions 390 395
I. Machač, B. Šiška, and Z. Lecjaks
Textural Properties of Porous Solids in Relation to Gas Transport 396 402
O. Šolcová, H. Šnajdaufová, V. Hejtmánek, and P. Schneider
Transport of Butyric Acid through Layered Bulk Liquid Membranes 403 411
Š. Schlosser and E. Sabolová
Extraction of Iron (III) from Aqueous Sulfate Solutions by Primene JMT 412 416
D. Schrötterová and P. Nekovář
 Analysis of RTD Curves from a Molecular Evaporato 417 423
J. Cvengroš, M. Valko, Š. Pollák, and J. Lutišan
Excess Molar Volumes in Systems Alkane—1-Chloroalkane 424 427
J. Linek and É. Kovács
Isothermal Vapour—Liquid Equilibrium Data for the System Toluene—N-Methylpyrrolidone at 40 °C, 50 °C, and 60 °C 428 430
E. Graczová and J. Surový
Collagen and Collagen/Hyaluronan Complex Modifications 431 435
D. Bakoš and D. Koniarová

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