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Volume 58, Number 5 / 2004, Pages 295 – 374

Low-Temperature Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Properties of Crystalline 2-Chloro-5-trichloromethylpyridine 295 298
L. G. Kong, Z. C. Tan, W. Zhang, F. Xu, M. H. Wang, X. H. Bao, T. Zhang, and L. X. Sun
Prediction of Equilibrium Constants in Aqueous Solution. I. The Extrapolation of Equilibrium Constants to Zero Ionic Strength Using PLS, Artificial Neural Networks, and Genetic "Soft" Modelling 299 305
M. Farková, P. Lubal, and J. Havel
Electrochemical Determination of Nitric Oxide in Blood Samples 306 310
M. Rievaj, J. Lietava, and D. Bustin
Single-Purpose Atomic Absorption Spectrometer AMA-254 for Mercury Determination and its Performance in Analysis of Agricultural and Environmental Materials 311 315
J. Száková, D. Kolihová, D. Miholová, and P. Mader
Photophysical Properties of Quaternary Lanthanide Molecular Functional Complex Systems 316 319
B. Yan and Q. Y. Xie
Potentiometric and Conductometric Studies on the Complexes of Some Transition Metals with Rhodanine Azosulfonamide Derivatives. XI 320 323
A. T. Mubarak, A. Z. El-Sonbati, and A. A. El-Bindary
Epoxidation of Methallyl Chloride with a 30 % H202 over the TS-1 Catalyst 324 329
M. Rzepkowska, A. A. Wróblewska, and G. Lewandowski
New Route Synthesis of Some Quinolin-2-one Derivatives 330 333
H. A. Soleiman
The Behaviour of E,Z-5-Arylmethylidene-2-thioxo-1,3-thiazolidin-4-one and 3-[(2-Oxo-2H-1-benzopyran-3-yl)dithio]-2H-1-benzopyran-2-one Derivatives towards Some Amines 334 340
K. A. Kandeel
Synthesis, Spectral and Toxicological Studies of Complex Zn(II) with Sulfadiazine 341 347
P. Guru, R. K. Gautam, and M. P. Goutam
Study of Hyaluronan Degradation by Means of Rotational Viscometry: Contribution of the Material of Viscometer 348 352
M. Stankovská, L. Šoltés, A. Vikartovská, R. Mendichi, D. Lath, M. Molnárová, and P. Gemeiner
The Physiological Response of Green Algae (Chlorella vulgaris) to pH-Dependent Inhibitory Activity of Some Zinc(II) Compounds: Carboxylato- and Halogenocarboxylatozinc(II) Complexes 353 356
K. Kráľová, E. Masarovičová, and K. Gyoryová
Biological Activity of Copper(II) N-Salicylideneaminoacidato Complexes. Reduction of Chlorophyll Content in Freshwater Alga Chlorella vulgaris and Inhibition of Photosynthetic Electron Transport in Spinach Chloroplasts 357 361
K. Kráľová, K. Kissová, O. Švajlenová, and J. Vančo
Approaches in Sample Handling before HPLC Analysis of Complex Matrices 362 373
E. Blahová and E. Brandšteterová
60th Birthday of Ing. Ján Hirsch, DrSc. 374 374
K. Babor and the staff of the Editor’s Office

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