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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 51, Number 2 / 1997, Pages 69 – 128

Structure and Properties of the KF—KCl—KBF4 Melts 69 72
V. Daněk, M. Chrenková, D. K. Nguyen, and K. Putyera
Viscosity of Melts of the System KCl—KBF4—K2TiF6 73 77
D. K. Nguyen and V. Daněk
Surface Tension of Melts of the System KF—KCl—KBF4 78 83
Ž. Lubyová, V. Daněk, and D. K. Nguyen
Optimization of the Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Methods. 2. Matrix Effects in Electrothermal Atomization of Waters in W-Tube 84 90
G. Holéczyová, M. Matherny, and N. Pliešovská
Chemometric Evaluation of Direct Spectrochemical Methods in the Determination of Elements in the SiC Matrices 91 94
K. Flórián, J. Hassler, and M. Matherny
Polynuclear Complexes of Nickel(II) with Cyanide as Bridging Ligand 95 98
Z. Smékal, F. Březina, Z. Šindelář, R. Klička, and M. Nádvorník
Basicity, Ionic Associations and their Effect on Solubility of the Antineoplastic Benflurone 99 106
F. Kopecký and B. Kopecká
(+)-Catechin: Benzoyl Protection of OH Groups and NMR Study of Products 107 110
R. Marek, A. de Degroot, R. Dommisse, G. Lemiére, and M. Potáček
О-Acetylation of 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid with Acetic Anhydride 111 116
A. Klásek, S. Kafka, and J. Starigazda
Some New Fused Heterocyclic Cyanine Dyes with Ring Junction Heteroatom 117 127
R. M. Abu El-Hamd
The 60th Anniversary of Professor Ľubomír Lapčík 128 128
M. Čeppan and M. Veselý

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