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Microcystin-LR removal in water using the system SrZrXSn1-XO3: influence of B cation on the structural organization of perovskite

Luciano B. Ramo, Adriele G. Da Silva, Cecília X. Pereira, Cleber Silva Torres, Erivan P. S. Júnior, Gaspar C. Martins, Maria Da Conceição De M. Torres, Mary C. F. Alves, and Simone S. Simões

Science and Technology Center, Chemistry Graduate Program, Chemistry Department, Paraiba State University, Campina Grande, Brazil



Received: 1 April 2020  Accepted: 7 November 2020


According to the concentration of toxins in water reservoirs, cyanotoxins can cause severe intoxication. In this way technologies must be developed to remove or decrease the concentration of the some toxins from water. Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that the byproduct of the processes used have low or no toxicity. One of the methodologies studied to this purpose is the Advanced Oxidation Processes and mixed oxides, that have attracted the attention due mainly to their good yields, low price and thermal stability. The efficiency of a photocatalytic process during degradation of organic pollutants depend on several factors. The present work has as its main objective to evaluate the photocatalytic performance of modified SrZrxSn1-xO3 oxides for MC-LR degradation in water supply using a Box–Behnken design. The oxides presented is novel and innovative product. The preparation of the material by chemical solution method and the application to microcystin degradation are novelty reported by the first time at this paper. The significance of some experimental factors as well as the interaction among them was studied. In addition, the cytotoxicity of the MC-LR degradation byproduct was evaluated and a degradation route suggested.

Keywords: Design experiment; Modified oxides; Toxins; Water treatment

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-020-01423-8


Chemical Papers 75 (4) 1649–1667 (2021)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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