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Catalytic and electrocatalytic activities of Fe3O4/CeO2/C-dot nanocomposite

Fatemeh Honarasa, Shabnam Keshtkar, Nasrin Eskandari, and Maryam Eghbal

Department of Chemistry, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran



Received: 1 September 2020  Accepted: 20 November 2020



Fe3O4/CeO2/C-dot nanozyme as a hybrid nanocomposite was prepared and characterized. Fe3O4/CeO2/C-dot nanocomposite presents horseradish peroxidase-like catalytic activity due to the presence of triple nanozymes in the nanocomposite. The kinetic parameters of nanozymatic assay present Michaelis–Menten behavior. A colorimetric assay for determination of H2O2 was introduced based on the catalytic activity of Fe3O4/CeO2/C-dot nanocomposite in H2O2/TMB system. In the presence of nanozyme, H2O2 reduction occurs and TMB was oxidized to ox-TMB which causes a blue color in the system. In this manner, intensity of the blue color is dependent on H2O2 concentration. Also, Fe3O4/CeO2/C-dot nanocomposite exhibits electrocatalytic activity toward H2O2 reduction. Multi-walled carbon nanotube/ionic liquid paste (MWIL) electrode was modified by Fe3O4/CeO2/C-dot nanocomposite which reveals higher electrocatalytic activity toward hydrogen peroxide rather than Fe3O4/CeO2 and Fe3O4/C-dot-modified electrodes. Catalytic and electrocatalytic determination of hydrogen peroxide shows the linear ranges of 1.0 × 10–6–5.0 × 10–13 M and 2.0 × 10–8 to 1.0 × 10–6 M, respectively.

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Keywords: Biomimetic; Magnetic nanocomposite; Nanozyme; Hydrogen peroxide; Peroxidase; Sensing

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-020-01443-4


Chemical Papers 75 (6) 2371–2378 (2021)

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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