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Heteroleptic cadmium complex of glimepiride–metformin mixed ligand: synthesis, characterization, and antibacterial study

Narendra Kumar Chaudhary, Biswash Guragain, Anoj Chaudhary, and Siyanand Kumar Chaudhary

Department of Chemistry, Tribhuvan University, Biratnagar, Nepal



Received: 16 January 2021  Accepted: 21 January 2021


A heteroleptic cadmium complex was synthesized from two antidiabetic drugs, namely metformin and glimepiride, by a continuous stirring and reflux process. The metal–ligand binding was confirmed by their physicochemical and spectroscopic studies. The characterization of the complex was done by elemental microanalysis, FTIR, ESI–MS, electronic absorption spectral study, 1H and 13C-NMR, PXRD, SEM, M.Pt., pH, and conductivity measurements. The octahedral geometry was confirmed for the complex by spectral studies, and its nanocrystalline nature was confirmed from the meticulous analysis of PXRD peaks. The crystallinity of the complex was calculated to be 47.66%. The Coats–Redfern method was used to evaluate the thermodynamic and kinetic parameters, such as E*, ΔH*, ΔG*, and ΔS* from the TGA/DTA data. The surface morphology and particle size of the artifact metal complex were assured by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) study. Similarly, the nonelectrolytic nature of the complex was suggested based on its molar conductivity data. The complex was screened in vitro against some selected human pathogenic bacteria using the paper disk diffusion technique to validate antibacterial potency. The exact quantitative information for antibacterial potency was ensured by measuring minimum inhibitory concentration values. In this study, a remarkable antibiotic property of the complex was observed. Amikacin 30 µg/disk was used as a reference standard to compare antibacterial potency.

Keywords: Antidiabetic drug; Antibacterial activity; PXRD; SEM; Glimepiride; Metformin

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01535-9


Chemical Papers 75 (7) 3215–3226 (2021)

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