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Study of the drying characteristics in an asymmetric impinging stream reactor

Song Yue and Xueqing Liu

Power Generation Branch, POWERCHINA Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation Limited, Wuhan, China



Received: 15 January 2021  Accepted: 24 April 2021


A short particle residence time results in inadequate and incomplete drying in impinging stream reactors. The fluid and particle motion process and temperature distribution in an asymmetric impinging stream reactor are studied and compared with those in a symmetric reactor, and the relationship between the drying characteristics and particle residence time is analysed. The research results show that the initial conditions of the particle and fluid and the geometric parameters of the reactor mainly determine the drying process and particle residence time in the high-temperature region. Reasonable settings of the factors v, Tm, Tp0, um, up0 and L/D and the particle position can greatly increase the particle residence time and ensure the completion of drying of the impinging stream reactor. Compared with the asymmetric impinging stream reactor with v = 0.7, the total residence time and the drying characteristics of the symmetric impinging stream reactor can be increased by 28.5% and 54.0%, respectively.

Keywords: Drying process; Particle residence time; DEM; Impinging jets

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01681-0


Chemical Papers 75 (8) 4355–4370 (2021)

Thursday, May 23, 2024

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