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Reddish-orange-emitting Ca12Al14O33: Sm3+ phosphors with high color purity

K. Ganesh Kumar, P. Balaji Bhargav, K. Aravinth, Raja Arumugam, P. Ramasamy, and Prathap Pathi

SSN Research Centre, Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Kalavakkam, India



Received: 9 June 2021  Accepted: 1 October 2021


Samarium (Sm)-doped Ca12Al14O33 (CAO) phosphors were synthesized using solid-state reaction method. Crystal structure of Sm3+-doped CAO was investigated using X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy analysis. Raman active peaks at 320 cm−1, 512 cm−1 and 754 cm−1 and 773 cm−1 were attributed to Ca–O, vibration between Al–O–Al, and ν3 mode of AlO45− groups, respectively. The optical band-gap for pure and Sm3+ ion-doped CAO was calculated to be 4.55 eV and 4.50 eV, respectively. Field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) image of synthesized phosphors exhibited agglomerated coin-like structure spread with voids. Luminescence properties were analyzed by photoluminescence (PL) spectra. The emission of reddish-orange light due to transition of 4G5/2- 6H7/2 was observed, which was confirmed by the Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (CIE) chromatic coordinate graph. The maximum intensity of orange-red light was observed in 0.5% Sm3+-doped CAO, and the calculated color purity was 95.2%.

Keywords: Ca12Al14O33; X-ray diffraction; FESEM; Band-gap; Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage; Photoluminescence

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01915-1


Chemical Papers 76 (2) 1147–1155 (2022)

Saturday, May 18, 2024

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