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Carbon nanotubes for production and storage of hydrogen: challenges and development

Maria Zafar, Tahir Iqbal, Seerat Fatima, Qandeel Sanaullah, and Sumaiya Aman

Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan



Received: 26 May 2021  Accepted: 4 October 2021


Carbon nanotubes have garnered significant interest due to their promising applications and facile synthesis. This study highlights the applications of CNTs in the field of hydrogen production and storage. Hydrogen energy attracted researchers because of its clean, renewable and sustainable energy with low impact on the environment around the globe. It is expected hydrogen energy systems replace the prevailed fossil fuels in the coming years. Hydrogen systems exhibit many disadvantages such as production costs and storage aspects. CNTs have the greater capability as support for the manufacture of effectual contrasting catalysts in hydrogen production systems. The main focus of this article is their different manufacturing methods along with their models and the purification techniques to obtain the best quality CNT’s and then use them in different applications. Some of them are best suited to provide the quantity while on the other hand, some can provide the better quality of CNT’s. Moreover, by using different techniques the different classifications of CNT’s like SWCNT and MWCNTs can be obtained according to our needs and preferences. This paper reviewed the methodologies used in the production and storage of hydrogen. Our concern is basically to review the dares in production and storage of hydrogen compare their results, to study recent developments in modifications of CNTs to increase production and storage of hydrogen.

Keywords: Hydrogen; Carbon nanotubes (CNTs); Adsorption; Storage; Production

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01922-2


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