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Experimental study on coaxial mixer based on critical uniform dispersion of floating particles

Chao Yang, Pengfei Gao, Bo Wang, and Baoqing Liu

Institution 1, Institute of Process Equipment, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China



Received: 27 June 2021  Accepted: 22 October 2021


The coaxial mixer with wide adaptability was combined with the critical uniform dispersion of floating particles for the first time. In this study, based on the local solid holdup measured by the optical probe method, the effects of operating mode, impeller type, impeller diameter, sold holdup, particle size and liquid viscosity were investigated. The results showed that the introduction of outer impeller significantly improved the dispersion performance. Under the same condition, coaxial mixer in the co-rotation mode can achieve critical uniform dispersion with lower speed and power than other operating mode. With the increase in inner impeller diameter, the overall trends of the critical uniform dispersion speed and power decreased and the advantage of mixed-flow impeller was gradually established compared with the axial and radial flow impellers. In addition, the increase in sold holdup and viscosity improved the difficulty of uniform dispersion of floating particles, and the required speed and power became larger accordingly.

Keywords: Viscous system; Floating particle; Coaxial mixer; Uniform dispersion; Solid–liquid mixing

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-01951-x


Chemical Papers 76 (3) 1479–1491 (2022)

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