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Synthesis of chrome-tanning agents from chromate wastewater

Hongda Fang, Min Zhou, Xinru Li, Yidong Mi, Hailei Su, Xuesong Liu, Fanfan Wang, Haiyan Chen, and Yuan Wei

School of Port and Coastal Engineering, Jimei University, Xiamen, China



Received: 8 October 2021  Accepted: 28 December 2021


Chromium wastewater is one type of wastewater with high toxicity. Currently, the treatment of this wastewater along with resource recovery gains wide attention. In this study, the synthesis of chrome-tanning agent from chromate wastewater was investigated in both laboratory and pilot-scale studies. Hexavalent chromium was reduced to basic trivalent chromium sulfate using glucose as a reducing agent. The factors affecting the reduction of hexavalent chromium, such as sulfuric acid dosage, glucose dosage, pH, reaction time, and reaction temperature, were investigated. The results showed that 0.3 g of glucose and 2.0 mL of sulfuric acid (volume ratio = 1:1) were efficient in treating 100 mL of raw materials when the mass proportion of impurities was below 13%. In addition, the optimal molar ratio of raw materials and reactants was identified as n(H2SO4)/n(Na2Cr2O7)/n(C6H12O6) of 3:1:0.35. Under the optimum condition, the percentage of Cr2O3 and alkalinity in the generated chrome-tanning agent met the standard I grade for industrial usage. A pilot-scale experiment was conducted subsequently, which exhibited outstanding performance as the lab-scale results.

Keywords: Chromium wastewater; Chrome-tanning agent; Electroplating industrial park; Wastewater resource recovery

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-021-02056-1


Chemical Papers 76 (4) 2505–2512 (2022)

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