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Hydrated magnesium (II) with H-bonded hexamethylenetetramine and co-ligands: synthesis, structural characterization, thermal decomposition, and hirshfeld surface analysis

Tambua Neville Milo, Che Dieudonne Tabong, Jean Hubert Nono, Eni Donatus Bekindaka, Divine Mbom Yufanyi, and Moise Ondoh Agwara

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, The University of Bamenda, Bambili, Bamenda, Cameroon



Received: 25 March 2022  Accepted: 2 June 2022


The reaction of magnesium nitrate with hexamethylenetetramine (HMTA) in the presence of thiocyanide, dicyanamide (DCA), or azide ions resulted in the formation of the hydrated magnesium(II) compounds [Mg(H2O)6](SCN)2·2HMTA·3H2O (1a), [Mg(H2O)6](DCA)2·3HMTA·H2O (1b) and [Mg(H2O)6](N3)2·2HMTA·4H2O (1c) (DCA = dicyanamide). The compounds were characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy, thermal analysis, and single-crystal X-ray structure analysis. These coordination compounds crystallize in the Triclinic, P1, Tetragonal, P42/n, and Monoclinic, P21/n space groups, respectively for 1a, 1b, and 1c. The 3D crystal packing structure results from a combination of O–H/H–N interactions. Hirshfeld surface (HS) analysis of the complexes was undertaken to investigate further the intermolecular interactions. Thermal studies of 1a and 1b was undertaken to determine their suitability as precursors for MgO nanoparticles.

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Keywords: Azide; Dicyanamide; Hexamethylenetetramine; Hirshfeld surface; Magnesium oxide; Thiocyanide

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-022-02322-w


Chemical Papers 76 (10) 6385–6400 (2022)

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