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Liquid–liquid extraction for the spectrofluorimetric determination of moxidectin or abamectin in bovine plasma

Patricia Esmeralda Vázquez-Quintal, Roger Iván Rodríguez-Vivas, and David Muñoz-Rodríguez

Cuerpo Académico de Química Fundamental y Aplicada, Facultad de Ingeniería Química, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Mérida, México



Received: 14 April 2022  Accepted: 18 July 2022


In this work, an analytical procedure to determine moxidectin (MOX) and abamectin (ABA) in bovine plasma by spectrofluorometry and HPLC-FLD was developed and validated. Because their lack of native fluorescence, MOX and ABA were derivatized with trifluoroacetic anhydride (TFAA) and N-methylimidazole (NMI).Query. The excitation and emission wavelengths were 390 and 450 nm, respectively. MOX and ABA were extracted from bovine plasma with isooctane without a further clean-up. The linear range was 0–0.025 μg mL−1 for MOX and 0–0.05 μg mL−1 for ABA, with R2 values ≥ 0.98. Recoveries of MOX and ABA from spiked bovine plasma were in the range 80–102% (RSD < 14%) with spectrofluorometry and 88–102% (RSD < 10%) with HPLC-FLD. The total analysis time of the developed procedures was comparable or lower than published analytical procedures. The spectrofluorimetric method is a simpler, easier, and cheaper alternative to chromatographic procedures (HPLC) for the determination of MOX and ABA in bovine plasma samples.

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Keywords: Moxidectin; Abamectin; Spectrofluorometry; HPLC-FLD; Development and validation; Liquid–liquid extraction

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-022-02383-x


Chemical Papers 76 (12) 7441–7449 (2022)

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