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Development of a simple and sensitive method for the determination of virginiamycin M1 antibiotic by capillary electrophoresis

Juan Francisco Hernández-Chávez, Jesús Fernando Robles-Castro, Carlos Abraham Díaz-Quiroz, Gabriela Ulloa-Mercado, Ramón Miguel Molina-Barrios, Pablo Gortáres-Moroyoqui, Christian Beatriz Vega-Millán, and Ana María Rentería-Mexía

Departamento de Veterinaria y Ciencias Agronómicas, Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora, Ciudad Obregón, Mexico



Received: 6 April 2022  Accepted: 4 August 2022


Virginiamycin antibiotic is used in Mexico for animal growth promotion but has been banned in Europe due to risk of resistance development. Giving that monitoring of antibiotics is critical, the objective of this work was to develop an analytical method based on capillary electrophoresis and liquid-liquid extraction, to quantify virginiamycin antibiotic in livestock wastes. Linearity, precision, bias and extraction parameters were evaluated following ISO/IEC 17025 procedures. Method and extraction validation were satisfactorily, with average values of absolute recovery AR = 86%, extraction efficiency EE = 87%, and matrix effects ME = -14%, RSD<15% for concentrations as low as 50 \(\upmu \)g/L.

Keywords: Capillary electrophoresis; Wastewater; Antibiotics; Monitoring; Extraction; Quantification

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-022-02412-9


Chemical Papers 76 (12) 7419–7427 (2022)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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