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Graphic analysis of energy and exergy combined systems of solar collector and high-temperature heat pump

Habib Shoeibi, Mehdi Mehrpooya, Ehsanolah Assaerh, Mohsen Izadi, and Fathollah Pourfayaz

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dezful Branch, Islamic Azad University, Dezful, Iran



Received: 16 September 2022  Accepted: 8 October 2022


This study investigated the heat pump system connected to the solar collector. The purpose of this study is to determine the amount of energy consumption and exergy and system performance. This system uses high-temperature heat pumps. In this paper, energy-based and exergy currents from the primary energy source to the consumer are plotted by using Sankey and Grassmann diagrams. In this article, Sankey (enthalpy flow) and Grassmann (exergy flow) diagrams of a heat pump connected to a solar collector were investigated. The results show that stream number 12 has the highest amount of exergy of the streams and the exergy destruction of the solar collector is more than other equipment and the highest energy rate is related to stream 11. Exergy analysis in thermal energy systems is very important due to the location and degree of inefficiency of the system equipment. Exergy analysis shows that the highest amount of exergy of currents with 367,092 kW is related to the inlet current of the tank and the highest amount of exergy damage of 15,563 kW equipments is related to the solar collector. This exergy destruction for solar collectors with temperature changes throughout the year with the lowest destruction in July at 14,342 kW and the highest exergy destruction at 15,678 kW is related to June. Among the rotating equipments, the most exergy damage is related to the compressor (k101) water heat transfer cycle. By changing the exergy efficiency, the amount of exergy destruction is significantly reduced.

Keywords: Graphic analysis; Exergy; Combined systems; Solar collector; High-temperature; Heat pump

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-022-02536-y


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