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Cytocompatible and stimuli-responsive chitosan based carrier with 3-aminopropyl(diethoxy)methylsilane for controlled release of cefixime

Maria Kanwal, Sehrish Jabeen, Atif Islam, Nafisa Gull, Adnan Mujahid, Muhammad Sarfraz Akram, Shahzad Maqsood Khan, Bilal Haider, Azra Mehmood, and Amna Ramzan

Institute of Polymer and Textile Engineering, University of the Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lahore, Pakistan



Received: 15 February 2023  Accepted: 23 May 2023


This study highlights the development of smart stimuli-responsive carrier for controlled drug release system. Novel cytocompatible and injectable carriers were synthesized using chitosan and poly(vinyl alcohol) with different amounts of 3-aminopropyl(diethoxy)methylsilane (3-APDEMS). The characterizations of the prepared samples were accomplished via FTIR, SEM, TGA, mechanical properties, swelling, biodegradation, antimicrobial activity, antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory activity, cytotoxicity and drug release profile. FTIR analysis was performed to approve the siloxane linkages among the integrated constituents. SEM images demonstrated the morphology, while TGA showed the highest thermal stability (593 °C offset temperature) for hydrogel with 150 μL APDEMS concentration. The antimicrobial response of hydrogels toward Bacillus cereus and E.coli was noticeable. The antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory activity were performed to check the behavior of the MCP series against the free radical generating substance and inflammation response, respectively. All stimuli-responsive crosslinked carriers appeared cytocompatible for plated 3T3 fibroblast cells as inspected by continuous increase in the viability of cells from 24 to 48 h and 72 h post initial seeding in all samples. The swelling behavior in buffer solution (at different pH) confirmed these carriers as pH-responsive. These carriers at optimum amount of 3-APDEMS showed 99.5% drug release in phosphate buffer saline solution at 7.4 pH.

Keywords: Cytocompatible; Injectable hydrogel; Crosslinking; Cefixime; Controlled drug release

Full paper is available at

DOI: 10.1007/s11696-023-02886-1


Chemical Papers 77 (9) 5571–5586 (2023)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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