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Potassium promoted Fe–Ce composite oxides monolithic catalysts for catalytic soot combustion

Kun Wei, Xie Wang, Liming Shi, Sen Yang, Zhifeng Xue, Wei Qin, Junwei Wang, Kaixuan Xu, and Xianlong Zhang

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Anqing Normal University, Anqing, China



Received: 1 December 2022  Accepted: 20 July 2023


In this work, the potassium promoted Fe–Ce composite oxides supported on the monolithic three-dimensional (3D) macroporous nickel foam substrates (KFeCe@NF) were synthesized by sequential wetness impregnation method and used for catalytic soot combustion. The best catalytic performance was obtained over K(0.1)FeCe@NF catalyst under 10%H2O/800ppmNO/20%O2/N2 atmosphere using a wet contact mode and the lowest T10, T50 and T90 values could reduce to 274 ℃, 313 ℃ and 353 ℃, respectively. A detailed comparison of the structural properties for the samples before and after potassium loading was conducted by XRD, FESEM, EDS and XPS. The addition of K could lead to reduction of partial Fe2O3 to FeO and make the Fe2O3 nanosheets transform into agglomerated nanoparticles. Moreover, the enhanced catalytic performance of KFeCe@NF for soot combustion is main due to the abundant active oxygen species inspired by the strong interaction between potassium and transition metal oxides.

Keywords: Potassium; Soot combustion; Wetness impregnation method; Fe–Ce composite oxides

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-023-02995-x


Chemical Papers 77 (11) 7045–7052 (2023)

Friday, May 24, 2024

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