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Green synthesis of Au Nps using Hemidesmus indicus root extract (Hire) and investigating its potential biomedical efficacies

Ashwini Devaraj and Gayathri Mahalingam

Department of Bio-Medical Sciences, School of Bio Sciences and Technology, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India



Received: 16 August 2023  Accepted: 16 December 2023


The green synthesized gold nanoparticles (Au Nps) and medicinal plants have both proven to be reliable sources of management for diabetes mellitus. To assess the antidiabetic characteristics of produced Au Nps in vitro and in vivo, the current study focused on the green synthesis of Au Nps from the Hemidesmus indicus root extract (Hire). The aqueous Hemidesmus indicus root extract (Hire) was used as the starting material for the biological synthesis of the Au Nps, which was then examined using spectroscopic techniques and microscopic techniques. By inhibiting α-amylase and α-glucosidase, the Hire-Au Nps in vitro antidiabetic activity was demonstrated. Also antioxidant and antibacterial properties of Hire-Au Nps were explored. Furthermore, Albino Wistar rats given streptozotocin were used to test the in vivo antidiabetic activity. Hire-Au Nps (50 µg/kg) were administered to rats for 48 days. Albino Wistar rats were killed after treatment in order to perform biochemical parameters and to collect organ samples, including liver, pancreas, heart, kidney, and adipose tissue, for histological investigation. When albino Wistar rats were given Hire-Au Nps, the levels of blood sugar were significantly reduced. The biologically synthesized Hire-Au Nps have antidiabetic action, according to the results of in vitro and in vivo tests on rats administered the Hire-Au Nps. Due to the Hire-Au Nps potent antidiabetic activity in the type 2 diabetes model in Albino Wistar rats, they may be developed for use in the management for diabetes mellitus.

Keywords: Hemidesmus indicus root extract; Hire-Au Nps; Type 2 diabetes; In vitro and in vivo studies

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-023-03280-7


Chemical Papers 78 (5) 2895–2914 (2024)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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