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Sustainable vortex assisted liquid phase microextraction based on fatty acid switchable solvent for selective and accurate analysis of manganese in food samples

Adil Elik, Nevcihan Gürsoy, and Nail Altunay

Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Sivas Cumhuriyet University, Sivas, Türkiye



Received: 30 September 2023  Accepted: 5 January 2024


In this research article, a sustainable fatty acids switchable solvent based vortex assisted liquid phase microextraction (SS-VA-LPME) method coupled with flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) was developed for the selective and accurate analysis of manganese (Mn) in food samples. Five fatty acid-SS were prepared for the selective extraction of Mn(II) ions. Microextraction conditions of the SS-VA-LPME /FAAS method were systematically optimized to maximize the extraction recovery of Mn. Under optimum conditions, linear range, limit of detection and preconcentration factor were calculated as 1–200, 0.3 ng mL−1 and 150, respectively. Also, the calibration equation of the SS-VA-LPME/FAAS method was A = 0.054 [Mn(II), ng mL−1] + 0.0026 with 0.9986 of correlation coefficient. Validation of the SS-VA-LPME/FAAS was investigated by analysis of three reference materials. The SS-VA-LPME/FAAS method was validated with good inter and intra-day precision (3.9 ≤ %), and quantitative recoveries (92.7–98.6%). The applicability of the SS-VA-LPME/FAAS method was tested by spiking food samples prepared by microwave digestion with Mn(II) solution and the recoveries were from 89 ± 8 to 98 ± 4%.

Keywords: Switchable solvent; Manganese; Liquid phase microextraction; Microwave digestion; Food samples

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-024-03310-y


Chemical Papers 78 (5) 3261–3272 (2024)

Thursday, July 18, 2024

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