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Dynamics of Evening Primrose Protein Hydrolysis

J. Golabczak, J. Strakowska, and A. Konstantynowicz

Institute of Technical Biochemistry, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Technical University of Lódz, PL-90 924 Lódz



Abstract: Evening primrose protein isolate prepared by proteolysis was digested with trypsin at pH 8 and 50oC. Effects of enzyme and substrate concentrations and of digestion time on the degree of protein hydrolysis were determined. Experimental results were used to develop a mathematical model describing the path of enzymatic cleavage of evening primrose protein. According to this model, the process starts with the peptide bond hydrolysis followed either by formation of a stable enzymesubstrate complex or the peptide bond resynthesis, at the constant initial enzyme to substrate concentration ratio (ρ(E)0/ρ(S)0) and evening primrose protein concentrations of 20 to 50 g dm−3. Optimum proteolysis conditions (ρ(S)0 = 20 g dm−3, ρ(E)0/ρ(S)0 = 2 %, 5 h) provided the highest degree of protein hydrolysis of 28—30 %. Enzymatic digestion enhanced the content of low relative molar mass of peptides (easily absorbable in small intestine) in evening primrose protein hydrolyzate and increased its solubility in water.

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Chemical Papers 59 (6a) 409–412 (2005)

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