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Controlled solvothermal synthesis of PbS quasi-nanorods by calix[4]arene

R. H. Yin, Q. S. Wu, and Y. Chen

Department of Chemistry, Tongji University, 200092 Shanghai, P. R. China



Received: 8 October 2006  Revised: 21 November 2006  Accepted: 14 December 2006

Abstract: A new idea of the nanorods preparation and a novel application of calixarenes are presented. Calix[4]arene was introduced into solvothermal system to produce one-dimensional inorganic nanomaterial. The obtained product was characterized by XRD and TEM. Results of the XRD analysis showed that the product was pure cubic phase of PbS with high crystallinity. TEM images revealed that the diameter and length of the PbS nanorods were about 200 nm and up to 3.5 µm, respectively. Optical properties of the product were also studied. PL emission image showed that the product exhibited an emission peak at 308 nm in ultraviolet region showing a blue shift of 14 nm compared to the bulk material. The formation mechanism of PbS nanorods in the presence of calix[4]arene is discussed.

Keywords: calix[4]arene - PbS - nanorods - solvothermal

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-007-0025-4


Chemical Papers 61 (3) 224–227 (2007)

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