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FTIR Spectroscopy of Magnesium Tetraborate Solution

Y. Z. Jia, S. Y. Gao, Y. Jing, Y. A. Zhou, and S. P. Xia

Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xining, 810008, P.R. China



Abstract: Supersaturated aqueous solution of magnesium tetraborate (MgB4O7 . 9H2O), its acidified solutions with azeotropic hydrochloric acid, and its diluted solutions with water have been recorded by differential FTIR spectra. The differential FTIR spectra of borate in solutions are obtained by subtracting FTIR spectrum of water from that of the magnesium borate aqueous solutions. The results showed that various polyborate anions exist in the solutions. The bands of symmetric vibration of the corresponding polyborate anions were indicated and some assignments were tentatively given. Boron concentration and pH of solution are effective on the formations of polyborate anions. The transformations B5O6(OH)4- + OH- + H2O ⇔ B4O5(OH)42- + B(OH)3 and B(OH)3 + OH- ⇔ B(OH)4- are main reactions in these solutions.

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Chemical Papers 55 (3) 162–166 (2001)

Saturday, May 25, 2024

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