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Incomplete Dissociation and Electrical Conductivity in Binary Molten Salt Mixtures with Common Ion

M. Olteanu and P. M. Pavel

Institute of Physical Chemistry "I. G. Murgulescu", Roumanian Academy, 772 08 Bucharest, Roumania


Abstract: The present work is a continuation of our previous attempts to modelling electrical conductivity in molten salt mixtures with common ion. The basic assumption of the proposed model is the concept of incomplete dissociation of the two salts due to the competition between the two different ions to form neutral ionic associations. Starting from the relationship between the dissociation probabilities of two dependent processes and probability of the common dissociation process, some expressions are proposed for the dissociation probabilities of the salts forming the mixture. We assume that equilibrium constants of the dissociation processes may be used just as probabilities in order to describe more successfully the incomplete dissociation (or ionic association) and its influence on mixture electrical conductivity. We point out the fact that one of the model versions leads to the same value for the dissociation degree of a component, irrespective of the second salt in the mixture.

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Chemical Papers 53 (1) 6–10 (1999)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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