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Plasma-Polymerized DCMPS as Adhesive Film Characterization and Properties

V. Čech, P. Horváth, J. Jančář, F. Schauer, and S. Nešpůrek


Abstract: Plasma polymer layers of the thickness ranging from 10-2 to 100 μm intended to engineer interphases in glass-fibre reinforced polymer composites and single-layer light-emitting diodes were prepared by r.f. glow discharge technique. The films synthesized from a mixture of dichloro(methyl)phenylsilane vapour and gaseous hydrogen were deposited on flat glass and silicon substrates and glass fibres as well. Deposition conditions were optimized to obtain required thickness, mechanical and electrical properties of interphases. Prepared layers were amorphous, relatively rigid and transparent at room temperature with excellent adhesion to substrates. The surface of plasma polymer is rough with isolated (silicon substrate) and conglomerate (glass substrate) grains. FTIR and XPS spectra revealed a great amount of atomic oxygen bound to silicon atoms and enabled to determine the atomic concentrations. The structure model is proposed assuming a random carbosiloxane network with not-crosslinked methyl and phenyl groups.

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Chemical Papers 53 (3) 165–173 (1999)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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