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Separation and Preconcentration of Ionic Solutes by Transport Extraction Based on Solvent Sublation

Š. Palágyi

Department of Radiation Dosimetry, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, CZ-180 86 Prague


Abstract: The experimental capabilities of transport extraction were investigated by the help of a complex of molecular iodine with ionic surfactants. The extraction efficiency up to 95 % was obtained with a 400-fold preconcentration of iodide into benzene, using N-cetylpyridinium chloride. Moreover, a new method of sorbent-supported transport extraction by means of a resilient open-cell polyurethane foam has also been elaborated. The method was demonstrated in the separation of radioiodine from 4 dm3 of deionized, drinking or surface waters with Na2 carrier gas in about 60-90 min. The intercomparison showed that the nonequilibrium transport extraction gives some distinctive advantages over equilibrium solvent extraction. The kinetics of the transport extraction has also been established, from which the mass-transfer rate constant of the process can be evaluated, and the separation efficiency can be predicted in dependence on time.

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Chemical Papers 52 (5) 671–681 (1998)

Monday, May 20, 2024

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