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Molecular Interaction in the Ternary Mixture of Acetylacetone with (Carbon Tetrachloride and Heptane) – Linear Correlation Factor, Excess Molar Polarization, and Excess Gibbs Energy of Mixing

S. Acharya

Post-Graduate Department of Physics, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack-753003, Orissa, India


E-mail: swaroop

Received: 2 May 2001  Accepted: 15 March 2002

Abstract: The relative permittivity in the ternary mixtures of acetylacetone with (carbon tetrachloride and heptane) has been measured at 303.16 K and 455 kHz. The Kirkwood—Fröhlich linear correlation factor g, excess molar polarization, and the excess Gibbs energy of mixing in these mixtures are calculated using the experimental value of relative permittivity on the basis of the Winkelmann—Quitzsch equation.
These parameters are found to be mole fraction-dependent indicating the existence of angular correlation between the polar molecules in the nonpolar solvent. The study reveals that the nonpolar solvent carbon tetrachloride is dominant over heptane in the mixtures.

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Chemical Papers 57 (2) 63–67 (2003)

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