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Thermodynamic Analysis of the Molten System KF—K2Mo04—B203

O. Patarák, V. Daněk, M. Chrenková, and A. Silný

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK-842 36 Bratislava


Abstract: The thermodynamically consistent phase diagram of the ternary system KF-K2Mo04—B203 up to 30 mole % B2O3 was calculated using the coupled analysis of the thermodynamic and phase diagram data.In the system KF-K2Mo04—B203 the intermediate compound K3FMoO4 melting congruently at 751°C is formed. This compound divides the binary system KF-K2MoO4 into two simple eutectic ones the coordinates of which are: 29.4 mole % K2MoO4, 717.7°C, and 56.9 mole % K2MoO4, 747.4°C. In the binary system KF-B2O3 the liquidus curve decreases monotonically with increasing content of B2O3. The inflexion point was found in the course of the liquidus curve of K2MoO4 in the binary system K2Mo04—B203. The strong positive deviation from ideal behaviour was ascribed to the possible formation of heteropolyanions [BMo6O24]9- in the melt.In the investigated concentration range of the ternary system one eutectic point has been found the coordinates of which are: 57 mole % KF, 24 mole % K2MoO4, 19 mole % B2O3, and θe = 682°C. The standard deviation of approximation in the calculated ternary phase diagram is +/- 5.2°C.

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Chemical Papers 51 (5) 263–267 (1997)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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