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Application of Zeolite Catalysts for the Abatement of Chlorinated VOCs from Waste Streams

R. López-Fonseca, J. I. Gutiérrez-Ortiz, M. A. Gutiérrez-Ortiz, and J. R. González-Velasco

Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Basque Country University, E-48080, Bilbao



Received: 31 March 2003

Abstract: Chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as dichloromethane, 1,2-dichloroethane, and trichloroethylene are a wide-ranging class of solvents commonly occurring in industrial waste streams and constitute a major source of air and groundwater pollution. Among the available waste disposal processes, gas-phase catalytic oxidation has been proved to be highly effective for chlorinated VOC removal. The objective of this work is to analyze the applicability of H-zeolites (H-MOR, H-ZSM-5, and H-Y) as catalysts for the control of chlorinated VOC emissions under a wide range of operation conditions. Hence, in addition to the study of both activity and selectivity in single feeds, the effects of the presence of water and of the mixture with another chlorinated compound have also been discussed (typical case in groundwater air stripping emissions).


Chemical Papers 57 (6) 413–420 (2003)

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