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Biosurfactants Based on Partially Esterified O-(Carboxymethyl)starch

A. Žoldáková, I. Sroková, V. Sasinková, J. Hirsch, and A. Ebringerová

Faculty of Industrial Technologies, Trenčín University, SK-020 32 Púchov



Received: 15 September 2004

Abstract: Water-soluble O-(carboxymethyl)starch (CMS) has been partially hydrophobized in order to prepare water-soluble products possessing surfactant properties. The modification was performed by a nonconventional esterification method using the vinyl dodecanate (vinyl laurate, VL) as reactant at various reaction conditions. The derivatives were characterized by FTIR spectroscopy, surface tension, emulsification efficiency, and detergent performance. The results suggested that pre-activation of CMS with DMF or DMSO, containing 4-toluenesulfonic acid is essential to enhance the esterification reaction and prepare water-soluble CMS derivatives at low VL—CMS mass ratios. The water-soluble derivatives with low degree of esterification represent novel anionic polymeric biosurfactants exhibiting emulsifying ability for oil/water type emulsions as well as good performance properties (washing power and antiredeposition efficiency).

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Chemical Papers 59 (5) 362–367 (2005)

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