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Influence of Iron in Pickling Solution of Sulfuric Acid on its Activity

H. Bruncková and Š. Nižník

Institute of Experimental Metallurgy, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CS-043 53 Košice


Abstract: Parameters of deactivation of H2SO4 pickling bath, resulting from the presence of iron ions, were determined on the basis of laboratory pickling tests of steel sheets prior to enamelling. The critical value of mass loss of sheet at pickling was determined by means of artificially inoculated pickling solutions increasingly saturated by carbonyl iron and in gradually saturated solution by means of iron from steel sheets. Relationship between the increase of iron amount in pickling solution and the amount of carbonyl iron was determined by mathematical regression analysis.

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Chemical Papers 46 (3) 170–173 (1992)

Saturday, May 28, 2022

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