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Modification of glass capillary inner surface for chromatography

M. Cigánek, K. Tesařík, M. Horká, and K. Janák

Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences CS-61142 Brno


Abstract: Conditions of glass capillary (50 μm i.d.) inner surface modification by the aqueous solution of ammonia were studied. The resulting silica gel porous layer was modified chemically by methyloctyldichlorosilane. Under given etching conditions (temperature 250-300°C for 16 h), the 5-10 vol.% aqueous solution of ammonia was optimal. The static way of silylation by 10 vol.% silane solution in toluene for 16 h at temperatures from 250 to 280°C with the column filled to 50-70% of its volume is optimal. This method provides a mechanically stable porous layer 1-10 μm thick.

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Chemical Papers 45 (1) 81–89 (1991)

Sunday, May 19, 2024

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