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Synthesis, Characterization, and Antibacterial Activity of Lanthanide(III) Complexes of Thiosemicarbazone Derived from 8-Acetyl-4-methylumbelliferone

M. Wang, Z. D. Xu, L. F. Wang, and C. G. Xia

aNational Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, 730000, P. R. China



Received: 15 December 2000  Accepted: 3 October 2001

Abstract: Seven new lanthanide complexes of thiosemicarbazone derived from 8-acetyl-4-methylumbelliferone (H2L) have been prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductivity, IR, XPS, TG-DTA, UV, and 1H NMR. The general formula of the complexes is Ln(HL)3 where Ln = La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, and Gd. The antibacterial activity of the metal complexes in which the effect of the ligand was not lost by entering the complex, increases in the order Gd, Eu, La, Pr, Sm, Nd, Ce.

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Chemical Papers 56 (2) 100–103 (2002)

Friday, November 22, 2019

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