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Electrochemical-behavior of some N-salicylideneaminoalkanoate copper(II) complexes and cuprates(II)

J. Labuda, J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, M. Vaníčková, and Ľ. Gážová

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak Technical University, CS-81237 Bratislava


Abstract: Using voltammetry on static mercury drop electrode and stationary platinum electrode in aqueous and dimethyl sulfoxide solutions the electrochemical behaviour of a particular group of copper(II) complexes with tridentate Schiff bases of the N-salicylideneaminoalkanoates (TSB) type as well as with additional molecular (H2O) or anionic ligand (NCS-, NCO-) was investigated. The TSB ligands in the investigated compounds are derived from L- or D, L-α-amino acids, glycine or β-alanine. The complexes undergo a one-electron reduction localized on the central atom which is quasi-reversible on mercury electrode. The Cu(I) complexes arisen as reduction products are stable only in the voltammetric time scale. The values of half-wave potentials occurring in the interval from -0.165 V to -0.335 V (vs. SCE) were determined. They are discussed in respect to the activity of these complexes resembling that of the superoxide dismutase.

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Chemical Papers 45 (5) 605–613 (1991)

Monday, August 08, 2022

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