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Crystallochemistry of tetracyano complexes  Crystal and molecular structure of bis[tetraamminecopper(II)-μ-cyano-dicyanonickelate(II)-μ-cyano-cyclo-(bisdiamminecopper(II)-di-μ-cyano-dicyanonickelate(II))]

J.Černák, J. Chomič, and M. Dunaj-Jurčo

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, P. J. Šafárik University, CS-04154 Košice


Abstract: C16H36N28Cu4Ni4, Mr= 1109.64, orthorhombic, Pnnm, 0=1577.2(5) pm, b = 1683.8(4) pm, с = 733.3(1) pm, V= 1.9474(8) x 109pm3 Z = 2, Dm= 1.91(1), Dc= 1.89Mg m-3, μ(Cutfa) = 4810m-1 , F(000) = 1112* \ T = 293 K, R = 0.0615, 771 observed reflections. The unit cell contains two planar centrosymmetric octanuclear molecules. These are built up of a cycle and two terminal groups. The cycle consists of two ds-[Ni(CN)2-μ-(CN)2]2- anions bridged by two [Cu(NH3)2]2+ cations. Two terminal groups with the composition [(NH3)4Cu-μ-(NC)M(CN)2-μ-(CN)—] are bonded to the Сu atoms in the cycle. The coordination geometry of the Ni atoms is square-planar. The coordination polyhedrons of the copper atoms are very distor­ted trigonal bipyramids (in the cycle) and tetragonal pyramids (in the terminal groups). Two angles of the type —C≡N—Cu exhibit unusual low values 126(1)° and 141(1)°.

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Chemical Papers 44 (1) 13–19 (1990)

Saturday, June 15, 2024

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