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Influence of composition of the methanolic-aqueous solvent on properties of the cadmium and chloride ion-selective electrode

M. Mamczák, J. Harvanová, and A. Hanudeľ

Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, P. J. Šafárik university, CS-041 67 Košice


Abstract: The influence of methanolic-aqueous solvent (xCH3OH=0.1—0.8) on electromotive voltage of the galvanic cell consisting of a cadmium or chloride ion-selective electrode and a saturated calomel electrode has been studied. The electrode potential of the cadmium ion-selective electrode is linearly dependent on composition of the solvent for the solution of 10-2 M-Cd(Cl04)2 and is governed by the following equation EcdISE = 96.5+131.5xCH3OH By the method of least squares the standard electrode potentials of the cadmium ion-selective electrode have been calculated. They are linearly dependent on composition of the solvent as follows E°Cd = 144.8+113 хснзон The dependence of the standard Gibbs energy of transport of the cad­mium ion from water into methanolic-aqueous solvent at 298 К can be expressed by the following equation ∆G°tr  = 27 . 9 - 192.3 E°m where  E°m is standard electrode potential in a given binary solvent. The Gibbs energy of transport increases with the content of methanol in the solvent.

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Chemical Papers 44 (4) 519–525 (1990)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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