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A Monte Carlo study of free radicals decay in amorphous polymers

J. Tiňo, J. Urban, and V. Klimo

Polymer Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CS-842 36 Bratislava


Abstract: The Monte Carlo method was used for a theoretical study of the diffusion and decay of free radicals in solid polymers. A model of amorphous polymer was built up on a tetrahedral lattice of (36 x 62 x 43) x 10-30 m3 dimen­sions. Three types of molecular motions — kink, crank, and crankshaft — were initiated at various temperatures and changes in the concentrations of free radicals were followed as a function of the number of attempts to do motions, of temperature and density.

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Chemical Papers 44 (5) 711–718 (1990)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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