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Determination of vinyl-chloride and vinyl-acetate in working atmosphere

V. Kollár, R. Kemka, J. Mišianik, and J. Tölgyessy

Department of Technology of Merchandise, Faculty of Commerce, High School of Economics, CS-832 20 Bratislava


Abstract: The described method of determination of the monomers of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate in working atmosphere enables us to determine these chemical contaminants in the presence of each other by gas chromatography after retaining them on activated carbon. The elaborated sampling of air is appropriate for stationary or personal sampling of contaminants with sampling tube or passive dosimeters. The limit of determination of the method requiring a packing column containing 10 % of FFAP on Chromosorb W/AW or Chromaton N Super is 0.06 mmol dm-3 (3.7μg cm-3) of vinyl chloride and 0.05 mmol dm-3 (4.4 μg cm-3) of vinyl acetate, which represents the concentration of 5mg m-3 of vinyl chloride or vinyl acetate provided that 3 dm3 of air have been sampled. The optimum exposure of dosimeters is from 1 to 3 h. The precision and accuracy of the method was tested by model and field sampling and statistical evaluation of the sampling and determination of contaminants.

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Chemical Papers 42 (2) 147–160 (1988)

Friday, May 24, 2024

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