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L-Arabino-(4-O-methyl-D-glucurono)-D-xylan from the straw of the wheat Orchon (Triticum-bulgary Z)

R. Toman and A. Chimidcogzol

Institute of Chemistry, Centre for Chemical Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CS-842 38 Bratislava


Abstract: An L-arabino-(4-0-methyl-D-glucurono)-D-xylan has been isolated from the straw of the wheat Orchon (Triticum bulgary Z.) by extraction with sodium hydroxide. The polysaccharide is composed of L-arabinofuranose, 4-0-methyl-D-glucopyranuronic acid, and D-xylopyranose in the approxi­mate mole fraction ratio 1.2:1.2:10. The results of both chemical analyses and I3C NMR measurements have shown that the polymer has a linear backbone of ß-(1→4)-linked D-xylopyranose residues. Every fourth D-xylopyranose unit, on the average, is substituted either by a monomeric unit of 4-O-methyl-or-D-glucopyranuronic acid at C-2 position or by a monomeric unit of  α-L-arabinofuranose at C-3. The polysaccharide has essentially the same basic structural features as those found for L-arabino-(4-0-methyl-D-glucurono)-D-xylans isolated from wheat straw of other varieties.

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Chemical Papers 42 (5) 649–657 (1988)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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