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Functional terpolymers

E. Štaudner, G. Kyselá, A. Žemlička, I. Goljer, S. Nosálová, and Y. Smandrová

Department of Chemical Technology of Plastics and Fibres, Slovak Technical University, CS-81237 Bratislava


Abstract: In this work the terpolymerization of styrene—2-ethylhexylacrylatemaleic anhydride and  α-methylstyrene—acrylonitrile—methacrylamide was studied. The composition of the terpolymer prepared at various com­position of the monomer mixtures was determined by means of gas chro­matography, IR and 13C NMR spectroscopy. The monomer reactivity ratios of the studied ternary systems, estimated by Rosenbrock's optimiza­tion method, differ from the monomer reactivity ratios of the corresponding binary systems. The high values of the monomer reactivity ratios of some pairs indicate a great tendency to the formation of long homopolymer sequences, or sequences of the binary alternating copolymers ST—MAn, or α -MST—AN, and of acrylate homosequences 2-EHA or MeAm. The formation of longer α-MST sequences is unprobable with regard to its low upper ceiling temperature (61 °C). The determined optimized monomer reactivity ratios for the studied ternary systems are: ST(1), MAn(2), 2-EHA(3) r12 = 0.055, r21 = 0.062, r23 = 4.928, r32 = 15.188; and  α-MST(l), AN(2), MeAm(3) rI2 = 1.267, r21 = 0.617, r13 = 7.911, r3I = 7.231, r23 = 5.150, r32 = 16.347.

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Chemical Papers 41 (1) 119–124 (1987)

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

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