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Efficiency of polyfunctional monomers in polypropylene cross-linking by various peroxides

M. Čapla, E. Borsig, and M. Lazár

Polymer Institute, Centre for Chemical Research, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CS-84236 Bratislava


Abstract: The efficiency of crosslinking of isotactic polypropylene by radicals formed by thermal decomposition of organic peroxides was studied in the presence of polyfunctional monomers. Four peroxides and nine kinds of polyfunctional monomers were used. The results showed that the yield of the gel in crosslinked isotactic polypropylene is proportional to the number of functional groups in polyfunctional monomer and to the reactivity of peroxide used. When using benzoyl peroxide in the presence of pentaerythritol tetraallyl ether and furfuraldehyde pentaerythrityl acetal, the gel yield was strongly suppressed as a result of deactivation of the polyfunctional monomer by primary radicals.

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Chemical Papers 41 (2) 253–258 (1987)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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