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Rubidium and cesium acidic selenites

Z. Mička and M. Ebert

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Charles university, CS-128 40 Prague


Abstract: The solubility diagrams for the Rb2Se03 —H2Se03 —H20 and Cs2Se03—H2Se03—H20 systems were studied for the first time, at 298 K. On the basis of the solubility study results, the conditions for the preparation of the acidic salts, RbHSeO3 , RbH3 (Se03)2 , CsHSe03, and CsH3(Se03)2 , have been refined and the compound, CsH5(Se03)3, that has not yet been de­ scribed, has been prepared. The thermoanalytical properties and the in­ frared spectra of the compounds obtained were studied. The results have contributed to the clarification of the behaviour of the protons in the hydrogen bonds of the compounds studied. During the study of the ther­moanalytical properties, the diselenites, Rb2Se205 and Cs2Se205 were found that have not yet been described.

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Chemical Papers 41 (3) 321–334 (1987)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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