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Partitioning behavior of isothiocyanates in the two-phase system 1-octanol water

J. Augustín, Š. Baláž, J. Hanes, and E. Šturdík

Department of Biochemical Technology, Slovak Technical University, CS-8J2 37 Bratislava


Abstract: The distribution kinetics of 20 isothiocyanates in two-phase 1-octanol/ water system was characterized by transport rate parameters relating the flux through the interface to concentration of the solute in the aqueous and the organic compartment (l1, and l2, respectively). The parameters were shown to be dependent on the partition coefficient P = l1,/ l2 as: log (l1,/(ms-1)) = log P - log (ßP + 1) + const log (l2 /(ms-1)) = - log (ßP + 1) + const const = -4.907, ß= 0.261 Importance of this finding for assessment of distribution of the compounds in biological systems is discussed.

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Chemical Papers 41 (3) 401–405 (1987)

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